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You can design your own innovation to produce fertilizer for plants that need water one granulated fertilizer, or for soil that need more microorganisms.
You can own your unique brand with our full service that fit for both a start-up and a professional level.
We take every step according to Fertilizers Act 100% and keep our promise with honesty.


How much does it cost to build a fertilizer brand?

The cost of the production of each fertilizer type can be varied. We invite you to contact our customer service (Organic Design Co., Ltd.) for more details on pricing and steps to take. The contacts are provided below this page.

What will I get

1.A logo for your brand

2.Fertilizer registration for 1 fertilizer grade under your brand

3.2,000 sacks for granulated fertilizer and 3,000 product labels for liquid fertilizer under your brand

4.Consultation about fertilizer and plants including marketing plans

Will it be under the budget?
The price will be varied according to a fertilizer grade used. The minimum order of organic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer, chemical secondary nutrient fertilizer, organic chemical fertilizer, and soil improvement substances is 15 tons. The minimum order of liquid fertilizer is 200 litres.
How long does it take from start to finish?
The duration of brand registration can be 1 month to 1 year and a half depending on fertilizer types. The production process usually take 3-7 days.

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